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SF Stuff:

If you like Wil’s writing, you may also enjoy Linda Nagata, bestselling, multiple award-winning author of cutting edge SF.

Get the latest news from Science Fiction Weekly, the #1 online SF magazine. (Now a wholly owned subsidiary of USA Networks.)


Can’t find what you need at ReAnimus Press specializes in both bestselling and obscure or out-of-print titles.

Really obscure? Really out-of-print? Try the Basement Full Of Books project, which eliminates the middleman by linking readers up directly with authors.


These web pages have been enhanced with cover art and other imagery from Jose C. de Braga, Tom Weighill, Jason Prentice Ahlquist, Ed Cox, Bob Eggleton, Chris Moore, and Rick Berry.

Interests & Followups:

Wil’s companies: The Programmable Matter Corporation and RavenBrick LLC.

Nanotechnology with Dr. J. Storrs Hall. Similar information can also be found at The Foresight Institute, founded by nanopioneer K. Eric Drexler.

 If you’re interested by the artificial life / genetic computation / evolution themes in BLOOM, try The Alife Page for cool demos and graphics, then the Santa Fe guys who invented a lot of it, for information, definitions, and links.

 For “reality consulting,” in astrophysics et. al., try Boris and Bjorn in Denmark.  Their black hole page is really something!

 An introduction to Libertarianism, because it’s good for you.

 Cryptography and anonymity issues, courtesy of the Cypherpunks.

Strategy gaming with master game designer Greg Costikyan author of PARANOIA, PAX BRITANNICA, NUCLEAR WINTER, and lots more.

Linguistics, including Esperanto and other constructed languages.

 Fans of the “Dream of Houses” series in Analog may get a kick out of The Micronations Page, chronicling various attempts, both serious and silly, to buck the system and start new small countries.