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The Collapsium "Sounds Like" List

This novel, more than any of my others, has provoked weird comparisons from reviewers, most often to authors or series I haven't read.  Here is a partial list, provided for no particular reason:

* P.G. Wodehouse -- creator of "Jeeves" the butler
* Henry Fielding -- satirical "novels of manners"
* Georgette Heyer -- gothic historical novels
~Michael Moorcock -- End of Time series
~Terry Pratchett -- Discworld series
~EE "Doc" Smith -- Lensman series
~Stephen Baxter -- Xeelee Universe Builders series
~Neal Stephenson -- The Diamond Age
~Roger Zelazny -- Lord of Light
Isaac Asimov -- I, Robot series
Larry Niven -- Ringworld series

Key: * = Never read the author.  ~ = Never read the series.

Of these, the only significant influences are Niven and, arguably, Doc Smith, whose work I've heard a lot about if not extensively read.  For what it's worth, three influences reviewers have consistently overlooked are Thomas Wylde, Walter Jon Williams, and Stanislaw Lem.

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