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  1. Hello Wil McCarthy.
    I am currently reading your novel Antediluvian. Antediluvian is a great book. I love the idea that Antediluvian is broken down into four short stories or novellas. Doctor Harv Leonel and Tara are great because they help serve as the recurring characters between the seizures. Honestly, I can say that I am a fan of not only all of the characters, but the world building too. Borrowing from old traditions like myth and legends that seem to be manipulated throughout generations is fascinating. New discoveries never cease to amaze me. The salt water toad ( described in The Deluge ) is clever and the trolls (found in Monsters ) were scary and real. I´m currently reading The Garden. Tik Tik is a great character as well as his stepfather. The Voyage, from what little I saw at a glance, looks great. Well you did a great job with your world building. Antediluvian has the potential of becoming a four part mini-series because there is a lot of material that can be brought to the big screen and streaming services. I look forward to reading more of your novels.

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