Aggressor Six

(Roc/Penguin, Jul 1994, ISBN 0-451-45405-7; ReAnimus Press, 2012)

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As an alien armada from the waist of Orion decimates one human star system after another, Marine Corporal Kenneth Jonson is one of the few who live to fight another day. Jonson’s brush with the enemy gives him a startling insight into the alien strategy, and he is drafted into an elite psychological warfare unit to challenge them. But with time in short supply, it’s only once this team is in action that Jonson realizes that to succeed, they may have to betray their own kind.


  • Waldenbooks Book of the Week
  • Locus 1994 Recommended Reading List
  • Nebula Award Semifinalist


“An intense and satisfying novel.” — Walter Jon Williams

“Wil McCarthy brings thought and insight to the realm of fast-paced, action science fiction. AGGRESSOR SIX is a taut, vivid adventure that never rests. A splendid debut for a bright light on the SF horizon.” — David Brin

“Gives first contact a fresh, inventive twist, and does a great job of creating alien aliens. Recommended. I look forward to seeing what McCarthy does next.” — John E. Stith

“A fine novel… from a writer who’s going to be around for a very long time. This one is a calling card.” — Daniel Keys Moran

“I enjoyed it… Wil McCarthy is a writer to watch.” — Vernor Vinge

“A neat, action-filled novel. What starts out like Heinlein ends up looking a lot more like Haldeman. AGGRESSOR SIX is a satisfying debut.” — Gary K. Wolfe, Locus

“An exciting debut… an exciting start to a promising career.” — Fred Cleaver, The Denver Post

“One part STARSHIP TROOPERS, one part OUTER LIMITS-style psychological suspense… McCarthy cranks up the tension effectively. Recommended.” — Charles DeLint, Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

“A short, fast-moving tale og human and alien psychology. The exploration… is well done and fascinating. I like McCarthy’s details. Not many authors can create truly alien aliens, but McCarthy appears to be one of them.” — Janice M. Eisen, Aboriginal SF

“A well-told tale that combines brisk action, intelligent conception of the aliens, and deeper characterization of the humans than is often found…” –Roland Green, Booklist

“Very well done. [The] headlong pace and rousing finale… belie what must be at heart a fairly cerebral tale. McCarthy has the gift. Watch for his next.” — Tom Easton, Analog