Beggar’s Sky

The Rich Man’s Sky Series, Book 3

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Igbal Renz is one of the Four Horsemen – trillionaires who have successfully privatized the space industry in the Solar System.  Now, Renz has constructed a starship capable of making the twenty-year journey to Alpha Centauri.  So why is he stopping at barely one-tenth that distance, with a cargo of a hundred frozen scientists and diplomats?

Rumors abound that Renz Ventures, Inc. has made contact with… something.  And yet, as deadly stealth ships prowl the space lanes, and as the corporate space race threatens to devolve into outright warfare, the Four Horsemen of space industry are discovering firsthand that even in a limitless and lawless frontier, no one can ever be truly self-sufficient.


  • Prometheus Award Winning Series
  • #5 Most Anticipated Hard Science Fiction Novel of 2024 –


Very rich indeed. McCarthy’s ambitions are grand, and his palpable enjoyment in his work is totally manifest. The prose and dialogue are zippy without being sloppy, the science is convinving and clearly delivered, and the tone is optimistic without being naive.” – Paul Di Filippo, Locus

In his new hard sci-fi space opera / political spy thriller ‘Beggar’s Sky,’ writer Wil McCarthy is again exploring the implausible but interesting idea of what would happen if the super rich took over the space race. I know, right?” – Paul Semel

It’s billed as a ‘wildly original alien contact novel, set against a vivid backdrop of near-Earth corporate intrigue’, and, well, I kind of love all those things. The stakes are high with aliens in the mix, stealth ships on the prowl, and a space race that might escalate to war.” –