Rich Man’s Sky

The Rich Man’s Sky Series, Book 1

(Baen Books, April 2021, ISBN 978-1-9821-2529-5)

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Space: a tycoon’s playground. From a space station full of women to a monastery on the Moon, from a Martian reality-TV contest to a solar shade large enough to cool the Earth, the dreams of a handful of trillionaires dictate the future of humanity. Outside the reach of Earthly law and with the vast resources of the inner solar system at their disposal, the “Four Horsemen” do exactly as they please. The governments of Earth are not amused; an international team of elite military women, masquerading as space colonists, are set to infiltrate and neutralize the largest and most dangerous project in human history. But nothing is that simple when rich men control the sky, as everyone involved is about to discover.


  • Winner of the Prometheus Award


“Action SF built on a hard foundation of cutting-edge science.”—Walter Jon Williams

“An action-crammed story that darts at hyper-speed from Burning Man, Nevada to Suriname to a convent on the Moon to an orbiting colony that’s clearly up to something. A jam-packed adventure fizzing with mind-blowing concepts, and a great read!”—Connie Willis

“A hard science fiction tour de force, populated by memorable characters in a tale of intrigue, adventure, and irresistible market forces.”—Linda Nagata

“When I think of science fiction, this is exactly what I think of. Space and aliens, allegories of real life issues, and just a ton of imagination from the author.” –

“A thought-provoking sci fi novel [with] a character readers will root for. McCarthy blends a convincing view of space exploration with thoughtful, nuanced ruminations on the merits of government vs. privately controlled enterprises.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“A wicked smart near-future science fiction novel about class and inequality with the rigor of a Kim Stanley Robinson doorstopper and the pure wonder and thrill of an Allen Steele novel.” – Alexander Wallace,

“A suspenseful mosaic of epic conflicts.” – File 770

“Highly Recommended!” – Eneasz Brodski,

“A wildly entertaining, bravura performance, heartening in its display of old-school paradigms and conceits utterly retooled for the 21st century audience.” -Paul Di Filippo, Locus