Standalone Fiction

The following are stories which can’t be fitted into any future history, some because they’re dated, some because they rely on gimmicks which can’t support extended attention, and some because they contain, in a literary or scientific sense, the seeds of their own destruction.  Still, I think all of them were good stories in their day, and many still hold up quite well. 

Stories in order of publication:

“The Neptune Conflict”: Colorado Engineer, Spring 1986

“What I Did With the OTV Grissom”: Aboriginal SF, May/June ’90

“Dirtyside Down”: Roadkill Press, Mar ’91 (OP); UNIVERSE 3 (Bantam, Mar ’94)

“Looking for Pablo”: GRAILS (Unnameable Press,Oct’92); GRAILS: VISITATIONS OF THE NIGHT (Roc, Aug ’94)

“The Blackery Dark”: Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, October ’94

“Rocket Ghosts”: HIGH FANTASTIC (Oceanview Press, TBD ’96); Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, July ’95 (Locus recommended reading list)

“A Midnight Clear”: CHRISTMAS MAGIC (Tor, Nov ’94) (with Gregory R. Hyde)