The Fall of Sirius

(Roc/Penguin, Sep ’96, ISBN 0-451-45485-5; ReAnimus Press, 2012)

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After thousands of years in suspended animation, the survivors of a genocidal alien attack awaken to find themselves at the mercy of the “Gate” colonists, humans who have modified their brains and bodies to live in imitation of the alien Waisters. But against all that is known of their psychology, the Waisters are returning to the scene of their crime, and only Malyene Andreivne and her tiny band of survivors may hold the key as to why. But the complex machinations of Gatean society may prove as deadly as the Wasiters themselves…

This novel is a sequel to Aggressor Six.


“Fraught with epic space battles, a tough, acerbic [but] likeable heroine, exotic aliens and a complex, confusing clash of politics, McCarthy’s universe forms the background for truly operatic space theater. Although an armistice of sorts is eventually reached, fans need not despair: mention of a Blue Star disease portends another adventure.” — Publishers Weekly

“A Fast paced adventure story with interesting puzzles to be solved.” — Don D’Amassa, SF Chronicle

“Interesting. McCarthy’s chief attractiveness as a writer is his lack of pretension; like its predecessor, THE FALL OF SIRIUS is craftsmanlike and efficient. McCarthy shows a particular gift… with his portrayal of aliens.” — Gary K. Wolfe, Locus

“The rewards are more than sufficient. The book is well worth reading. Recommended. I think that Wil McCarthy is really an alien in disguise.” — Norman E. Hartman, The Book Net

“In this summer of spectacular alien invasions, this is a refreshingly original take on the idea. McCarthy is going full throttle.” — Fred Cleaver, The Denver Post

“A notable improvement over its predecessor, FALL is loaded with plenty of action, good ideas fully developed, is set in a world with a piquant lived-in quality, and features a protagonist who has more than her share of vices… but remains sympathetic.” — Roland Green, Booklist

“I opened FALL up, started my cursory scan, and got completely dragged into the story. McCarthy packs a lot of information into a relatively short book, and does so in such a way that he never slows down… and he keeps throwing curves until the book’s end. I really look forward to seeing what he does next, because I don’t imagine he’s going to sit still.” — Michelle Sagara-West, F&SF

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